OOO “Kofe City” is the one stop source for Russian companies for their bulk tea requirements. We stock the best selection of tea. We purchase our tea from source, ship & and stock it in our warehouses in Russia, the large assortment of tea is able to satisfy all your wholesale tea requirements for black and green tea in bulk packaging. We also have an assortment of select coffee in bulk packaging to meet your requirements.

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OOO “Kofe City” with its in-depth experience in the tea industry is recognized as one of Russia’s leading supplier of pure Indian Tea. We have a strong presence in the market and the knowledge, experience and skills of the Kofe City team have contributed to us having a strong market presence. Our tea tasters select the best tea for our customers at the major Indian auction centers. And in meeting international standards and staying abreast with industry and international developments, we are affiliated with the Indian Tea Board. Our assortment of Indian Tea is complimented by our assortment of Ceylon Tea, Chinese Tea, Kenyan Tea, Vietnamese Tea & our assortment of Green Beans Coffee and Instant Coffee of various origins making us your preferred supplier for bulk tea and coffee all over Russia.

We acknowledge the dedicated workforce, the distribution network and our valuable customers who are the reason of our success. OOO “Kofe City” continues to expand its product portfolio and upkeep the quality standards of its products. We want to hear from you! Please contact us with any questions or inquiries. Our staff will process your inquiry at the earliest and will contact you as soon as possible. Also you can use the link below to connect with us through WhatsApp.