Flavored Tea

Flavored Tea is tea that is flavored through the addition of inclusions (inclusions are blossoms, pieces of dried fruit, herbs or spices that are added to the tea leaves for either visual or sensory effect), by being coated in extracts (extracts are flavoring agents derived by extracting the essential oils from the leaves, fruits, blossoms, roots or other parts of a plant), or by being scented. Often more than one method is used. Most inclusions alter the flavor or aroma of the cup in some ways. Most flavored teas, are flavored with nature identical flavoring agents. To apply an extract to the tea, the flavoring agent is poured or sprayed over the dry leaf and then the leaves are blended (mixed) to ensure an even distribution. Scented teas, like Jasmine derive their flavor and aroma simply from physical proximity to strong flavors. While some jasmine teas may be artificially flavored, real jasmine teas are scented with Jasmine blossoms which are then removed (jasmine blossoms have a much shorter shelf life than tea).

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