Vietnamese Tea

Vietnamese tea refers to the tea produced in Vietnam, a country with a long legacy of tea production which dates back to historical times. The tea is produced in tea forests of regions like the Lamdong highlands, which houses many 18th century Ruong houses. The types of teas produced in Vietnam include black tea, which is mostly exported, green tea, which is also a popular part of Vietnamese culinary traditions, and some special kinds of teas like Lotus tea, Jasmine tea, Oolong tea and Pu-erh tea. Vietnamese tea benefits include relief from stress, infections, and various diseases like arthritis and tooth decay.

It is minimally-processed, gently rolled and steamed, without fermentation. This preserves the tea’s aroma and healthful antioxidants, and provides a very pure-tasting tea. Vietnamese tea-drinkers often enjoy their tea scented with flowers, usually jasmine.

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